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Taf coffee is based on the high quality coffee philosophy (specialty) and the new coffee culture. Taf has created the lines Single Estate Coffees, Taloumis Family Limited Reserve coffees and Sustainability coffees with love and respect for the green bean, thanks to the skills as well as the experience acquired all these years of operation. Taf’s customers know that the coffees included in these lines are high quality coffees and are produced under strict specifications, offering a higher quality experience.


Since 2006 that the research and creation of new infrastructure has started until today, Taf’s objective is to communicate the new coffee culture and to transfer the knowledge for high quality coffee. The achievement of this goal begins at the first stage of the “coffee chain”, from the seed and continues till the preparation of the final cup. In all the initial stages of the “coffee chain” there is transparency – from the research done to find exceptional coffees, the direct relationship built with the coffee farms and the coffee producers adopting the direct relationship coffees model till the quality control at the plantations, the processing and the storage of the green bean.

Taf selects coffees to include in the project based on the taste profile. Each taste profile is revealed through the roasting process. For the completion of each roast profile, many cuppings take place to select the profile that will highlight each coffee’s unique characteristics. Besides, that is the “magic” of roasting….

The last stage before the final cup is the preparation stage. During this stage the role of the barista is the most important. Taf’s barista team, by participating and winning in national and world championships has achieved not only to offer the perfect cup to the consumer but also to play a major role in the total experience that the consumer receives. More details can be found here.


Brew Lab is the distributor in Cyprus for Taf coffee. If you want to collaborate with Taf coffee in Cyprus please contact us here.