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”Great lingering sweet coffees have an lovely harmony and balance of outstanding complex aroma and sweet, refreshing acidity quality. “


Such distinctive characteristic notes are only found in what we call ‘Specialty Coffee’.


As you probably already know, coffee is a fruit. Specialty coffees ”Coffee Cherries” as we call it are grown in the most remote places in the world. Only under conditions where it is high altitude of over 1200m and above sea level (needed for that bright, sweet and clean acidity), diurnal temperature range from day and night, healthy soil (healthy trees), sufficient sun exposure to just name a few. Cherries must be picked at it’s fully ripened stage, processed, bagged, all at it’s best timings and methods to keep the freshness in the cup where we want it. But they do not just grow and produce to this kind of quality naturally. It requires the care and effort of the coffee farmers who with years and generations of experience take the full year creating an environment to bring out the best out of them.


source: arkcoffee

In Brew Lab we are fully dedicated and support the Taf Specialty project. Taf has created the Taf Specialty Project with love and respect for the green bean, thanks to the skills as well as the experience acquired all these years of operation. The achievement of this goal begins at the first stage of the “coffee chain”, from the seed and continues till the preparation of the final cup. In all the initial stages of the “coffee chain” there is transparency – from the research done to find exceptional coffees, the direct relationship built with the coffee farms and the coffee producers adopting the direct relationship coffees model till the quality control at the plantations, the processing and the storage of the green bean.


In order to support the Taf specialty project we use the La Marzocco Espresso Machine.


When drinking your coffee in Brew Lab, you can rest assured that you are directly supporting the farmers and their families.


Taf  has the first certified Lab in Europe according to the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) and SCAA standards, allowing for the implementation of Q classes and giving the opportunity to European citizens to be certified as Q Graders, Star Cuppers or SCAA Certified Cupping Judges.


Taf is member of SCAE, SCAA, cupofexcellence, UTZcertified.